Personal Injury Cases Won by Attorney Joseph Monaco

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$3 Million

For a child deprived of oxygen during his birth due to claimed negligence by the midwife attending to the birth.

$2.9 Million

For a 22-year-old spinal cord injury victim. The client was injured when a hanging scaffold fell nearly 3 stories, and the safety line failed to engage to prevent the fall.

$2.5 Million

The verdict for a family of a 50-year-old woman killed in an automobile accident. The woman was killed when a New York State Trooper collided with her car at nearly 100 mph while responding to an emergency call. The jury found that the officer acted with reckless disregard for the public's safety. The verdict was the highest verdict against the police department in New York State for 2008.

$1.75 Million

For a construction workers injury when he was run over by a skid steer loader. 

$2.1 Million

For a 45-year-old victim of medical malpractice. The client's common bile duct was mistakenly cut during routine laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, resulting in devastating injuries, multiple operations, and long-term hospital stays.

$1.61 Million

For a warehouse worker who had his hand injured in the unguarded rollers of a conveyor.

The machine was installed a few weeks before the accident, however, one of the guards was missing at the time of the installation. The client was injured when his hand was pulled into the rollers when he tried to remove a piece of cardboard that was stuck in the rollers.

$1.5 Million

For a 70-year-old burn victim. The client sustained burns on his torso and legs as a result of the installation of a steam boiler without proper safety valves and discharge piping.

$1.5 Million

For a 40-year-old man injured by a snowplow when his thumb was crushed by the moving parts of the plow.

$1.4 Million

For a 45-year-old construction worker who was injured when the elevator he was riding fell 2 floors. He suffered complete disruption of his anterior, posterior, and lateral knee ligaments and will likely require a knee replacement.

$1.25 Million

For a construction worker injured when he fell on a scattered debris area. 

$1.2 Million

For a family trapped in a fire in their NYC Housing Authority apartment caused by defective wiring. The NYC Housing Authority removed an outlet in the bedroom, forcing the family to overload the remaining outlet.

$1.1 Million

For a 30-year-old victim of sexual assault in her apartment building due to improper security. The security guard left his post at the door of the building because his replacement did not arrive in time for his meal break.


For a factory worker injured by a dangerous punch press machine. 


For a woman who was not treated promptly for respiratory distress in a hospital. The woman went into respiratory failure and was revived shortly thereafter.


For a 35-year-old passenger in an automobile accident who sustained bilateral femur fractures requiring surgical pinning.


The verdict was for a construction worker who fell off a ladder and fractured his arm. The injuries required multiple operations and may result in a wrist fusion in the future.


The verdict for a 50-year-old woman injured on a New York City Transit Authority bus. The woman sustained a grade 4 shoulder separation that required surgical repair when the bus suddenly accelerated then stopped while she was attempting to find a seat after boarding. The verdict was the highest verdict against New York City Transit Authority for 2009.


For a man riding a motorcycle when he was hit by someone texting while driving.


For a construction worker who was injured by an unguarded table saw. The client's right hand came in contact with the unguarded blade when the wood unexpectedly "kicked back."


For a 26-year-old man who fell down an elevator shaft when he leaned on the hallway doors.

He sustained multiple fractures on his right arm and shoulder.


For an infant who sustained Erb’s Palsy as a result of a traumatic birth. The doctor failed to properly consider the risk factors for a large infant and failed to properly deliver this large infant to protect against injury.


For twin boys who were injured when they ingested lead-based paint from the apartment that they lived in as infants. The twins had relatively minor blood lead levels.


For a construction worker hit in the head with a beam while doing demolition work. The worker was not provided with a hard hat on the job, and there was no overhead protection.


For a woman working in a commercial bakery who was hit on the head by a defective dough sheeting machine.


For an infant injured by a defectively designed section of a baby carrier. The infant sustained a fractured skull when the arm of the product detached when his father lifted him off the floor.


For a woman who slipped and fell on the stairs in a building. At the time of the accident, a contractor was stripping paint off the stairs and told the client that the stairs were dry. The client had a surgical fusion of her cervical vertebra.


For a construction worker who was injured when he was hit in the face with the end of an air compressor hose. The worker was not provided with a proper shutoff valve to control the air compressor hose.